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The simplest, yet most important step to successfully use TYTANIS, is to successfully install the mod itself. This is the correct way to install TYTANIS :

Step 1. Go here

Step 2. Click on FILES tab and download the latest version of the mod.

Step 3. Click on Download With Manager (NMM). NMM is recommended.

Step 4. Once it finishes downloading with NMM, go to your Mods tab, highlight Tytanis mod and press the second button from top, on the left panel (the one with a blue file and a green arrow).

Step 5. Go to the plugins tab and make sure Tytanis is activated. It’s also recommend that the Load Order of the mod is 02. This will help you avoid complications, in the future updates of this mod, such as V0.46’s mounts addition.

Step 6. Before starting Skyrim, go to the Data Files option and make sure Tytanis is checked. Also make sure to tick the ‘Load Loose Files’ option. Press ok. Start the game and have fun!

-- Darkxlaser 22:25, 16 December 2011 (CST)

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